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WWWorst App Store

Понравилось введение о том, чем сейчас является mainstream часть WWW:

    Picture the most abusive app store:
    * Programs in it are meant to run on your own computer.
    * However, you have to be online to run them.
    * Every time you start them, they contact the app store.
    * If there is an updated version, it's installed automatically, no
      questions asked. You'd rather run the earlier version? Tough.
    * If the app store decides you're no longer welcome, the program
      won't start any more.
    * If the app store servers are offline, or if you are, it won't
      start either.
    * Programs in this app store must also hold your data in the app
      store's servers.
    * If the program won't start, you can't get to the data on the
      servers any more.
    * You may have downloaded backups of your data, but you'd have to
      figure out how to decode them without the program.

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