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OpenBSD и UTF-8

В рассылке FreeBSD вот такое письмо прилетело:

    > Which I think leads to one of my big reasons for supporting Rust and
    > something else that needs to be moved to its own thread, Text encoding
    > issues. I think the project needs to follow OpenBSD's lead and
    > deprecate non UTF-8 locales. While I personally can't read or write
    > anything other than English and a few dozen words in Spanish,
    > Portuguese, and French, I can find or create test input data that isn't
    > in basic ASCII and test my string handling against such input. Assuming
    > allowing things like French column names make sense.

    First this is already deprecated, only utf-8 locales and encoding are being
    updated on regular basis! Second, no we will not follow the path of OpenBSD here
    because locales are not only for interactive, but text processing, like
    for example databases (collation, comparison etc) and there are plenty of data
    stored that cannot be converted to unicode for many valid reason, dropping non
    unicode locales will just make sure those data and databases cannot be served
    on FreeBSD anymore! (btw note that OpenBSD, while having deprecated all non UTF-8
    encoding support, do not support unicode collation).

Вот верно заметили, что локализации используются не только для
интерактивных программ (9a7015f648c3b55e1c1ff22f8bfd2958dcf2e255).
И в очередной раз неприятно удивила меня OpenBSD тем, что там нет
Unicode collation. Не, понятное дело что никто не мешает использовать
внешние библиотеки, но если уж вы за Unicode, то без collation многие
web-задачи не выполнимы. Странные эти OpenBSD-шники всё же.

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