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Zsh guide юмор

Вообще в нём очень много юмора и забавных высказываний и просто хороших
пояснений. Например:

    While we're at it, why do blocks starting with `if' and `then' end
    with `fi', and blocks starting with `case' end with `esac', while
    those starting with `while' and `do' end with `done', not `elihw'
    (perfectly pronounceable in Welsh, after all) or `od'? Don't ask me.


    if [[ -z "$var is sqrt(`print bibble`)" ]]; then
        print Flying pig detected.


    The word `clobber', as in the option NO_CLOBBER which I mentioned in
    the previous chapter, may be unfamiliar to people who don't use
    English as their first language. Its basic meaning is `hit' or
    `defeat' or `destroy', as in `Itchy and Scratchy clobbered each
    other with mallets'. If you do:

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