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Подъём враждебного-к-пользователю ПО

Статья про то, что на каждый чих нужно установить новую программу,
неизвестно как аутентифицированную. Хочешь, грубо говоря, чтобы новая
мышка работала, то сделай учётную запись в какой-то соцсети/сайте.
Хочешь что-то купить? Неа -- только подписка теперь. Думаешь что сможешь
использовать устройство после покупки? Только пока живы в Интернете
серверы компании.

    * Want to use a dashcam for your car and sync the data to your local
      computer? You need to create an account and connect an app, even
      though you just want to do local sync.
    * Bought a keyboard and want to change the lights on it? Better be
      ready to install some custom-built apps for that vendor and that
      vendor only.
    * Want to monitor the state of your video card and closed-loop
      cooler, all made by the same vendor? There are two apps for that.
      One is digitally signed, another one is authored by Unknown.
    * Update your BIOS? Another app, by another vendor, that for some
      reason requires permissions to access machines on your local
    * Controlling a number of buttons through a HID device? Another app,
      that always keeps refreshing the list of running processes, and no
      way to disable that functionality.
    * Change the lights on a mouse that is not made by the same vendor
      that the keyboard is made by? Install another app, and while at it
      - you won’t be able to change the colors until you make an online
    * Disable telemetry? Not a chance - you better be ready to have
      seven layers of defense in /etc/hosts, Pi-Hole, and a custom-built
      DNS + firewall + URL filter + deep packet inspector inside a
      server rack in the basement. I am exaggerating, of course. You
      only need six layers of defense to make this all work.
    * Want to install just one piece of software, and that’s it? You
      have to install an Electron-based “launcher” that will run a local
      outdated Node.js server and open up a bunch of ports for who knows
      what. No reason to just launch the executable - it has to be done
      through a launcher.
    * Want to get data from inside a device onto your computer? Nope,
      it’s not a mass storage device. You need to install another app,
      that will be used just for this one device, to sync things. The
      app inconspicuously asks for location access while at it, and eats
      85% of your CPU at all times, even when idle.
    * If you just installed a new fan in your computer and want to
      control the lights, another software installation for you that is
      completely different from what you use to control the lights for
      the mouse and keyboard, since they’re obviously not made by the
      same vendor.
    * Video driver? No problem - here you go, along with a piece of
      software that is basically one giant ad that sits in your tray.
    * Before you can use a USB device, you need to install a custom app,
      that talks to some obscure remote server to confirm… something?
      And only then the device is functional. Good luck using it in two
      years when this company goes out of business and the servers are
      shut down.
    * Browsing a site through the browser and not the app? Half of the
      functionality is not available, just to force the user into the
      app for no good reason. I just want to read a comment.
    * Want to buy a cooking library tool? It’s a subscription now! So
      instead of paying $40 and using the same version of software for
      10 years, you will spend $9.99/mo, totaling $1,198.80 over the
      same time span, even if you couldn’t care less about whatever new
      hyped blockchain functionality was added to it.
    * Downloaded a calculator on your brand new tablet that comes
      without one built in? Surprise - for it to work you need to give
      it access to your contacts, location collected in the background,
      access to your text messages, full access to the photo library,
      and the rights to name your firstborn.

Автор, правда, обзывает всё это нуждами разработчиков, а не
пользователей. Тут я с ним не согласен -- не разработчик решает что и
как будет делать в программах, а marketing, sales, product менеджеры.
Бизнесмены одним словом -- а для них никакой этики нет. Если есть
возможность устроить слежку -- значит они её устроят, без вопросов.

Буквально вчера видел как у коллеги на Lenovo ноутбуке с Windows
внезапно появилось окошечко от Lenovo-софта о том что его надо
перезагрузить для завершения обновления BIOS. Хотя вроде бы пользователь
старался поотключать все эти обновления в системе.

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