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GIL в Go

В рассылке Go наконец-то оповестили:

    The upcoming release of Go 1.17 (due in September) will include GIL
    for Go, As the Pythonistas among us know, GIL is Python’s Global
    Interpreter Lock, which has been included in even the earliest
    versions of Python, but is missing from Go until now. This has been
    a constant source of complaints from python programmers
    transitioning to the world of Go. With the addition of the Global
    Interpreter Lock into Go’s runtime scheduler, Go will finally reach
    feature parity with Python on this important feature. The
    introduction of the GIL and the implicit serialisation of all
    Goroutines will eliminate a whole range of possible race conditions
    and synchronisation  bugs.

    The inventor of the Python language Guido tweeted that after a two
    decades it is great to see Go finally catching up in this key area.
    He expressed his hope that Go will soon introduce Subinterpreters,
    which provide a simple, elegant  and  intuitive solution to the
    problem of achieving concurrency.

    In a related announcement the Go team also announced that future
    versions of Go will introduce Type Annotations, and get rid of the
    pesky squiggly braces, and instead transition to indentation based

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