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Заблуждения программистов про email

Годный список заблуждений. Но не без юмора.
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* Everyone has an email address
* Everyone has exactly one email address
* An email address never changes
* Whenever an address does change, it's under that user's control
* Whenever an address does change, it's because the user specifically
  requested it to happen
* Whenever an address does change, the old address will continue to work/exist
* Any one email address refers to only one single person
* Unique strings of characters all map to different addresses
* All email is hosted by a centralized system
* When email is sent to a user at a domain, it is delivered to a server
  whose address matches that domain
* When email is sent by a user at a domain, it is sent by a server whose
  address matches that domain
* All email comes from a .com, .net, .edu, or .org address
* You can filter out email based on the TLD or ccTLD from which it originates
* Having a particular ccTLD means that you prefer to receive
  communications in that country's native language (for example, .fr ->
* Email addresses only contain letters
* Email addresses only contain letters and numbers
* Email addresses only contain letters, numbers, and a handful of common
  punctuation marks (e.g. ., _, and -)
* Email addresses will have at least one letter in them
* An email address like ^_^@example.com or +&#@example.com is invalid
* Email is a reliable transport
* Email is an instantaneous transport
* Emails will be sent within a few minutes of their scheduling
* Emails will be sent within a few hours of their scheduling
* Emails will be sent within a few days of their scheduling
* Emails will be received soon after they're sent
* When an email is sent it immediately goes to its destination server
* If an email bounces, the address is invalid
* If an email doesn't bounce, the address is valid
* An address which is valid will always be valid, and an address which
  is invalid will always be invalid
* All email is sent via SMTP over TCP/IP port 25
* All email is sent via SMTP over TCP/IP
* All email is sent via SMTP over IP
* All email is sent via SMTP
* All email servers support the various vendor extensions by the current
  "everyone uses this vendor" vendor (Microsoft, Google, etc.)
* An email can only have one From: address
* The Date: header on a message is legitimate
* The Received: headers will always be no earlier than the Date: header
* All email clients support HTML attachments
* All email clients support HTML message bodies
* All email clients support MIME encoding
* Email is secure
* Encrypted email is secure
* All email is accessed via webmail
* All email is accessed via webmail or IMAP
* All email is accessed via webmail, IMAP, or POP3
* Nobody uses email anymore

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А ещё сайтик почему email плох:

* Spam is rampant
  Да, не поспоришь. Из-за, так сказать, открытой федерации.

* Running your own server is a major pain
  Да. Но кто сказал что боль это плохо?

* If you aren't on gmail, gmail assumes you're sending spam
  К сожалению тут не поспоришь. В жопу людей использующих gmail.

* Everyone else is on gmail
  Смотря какой круг общения.

* Attachment limits are obnoxious and arbitrary
  Ибо нефиг посылать огромные вложения -- email крайне не эффективен тут.

* Nobody knows how to validate addresses
  Ну... да. Особенно бесит когда не дают ввести "+".

* Configuring TLS, SPF, DKIM, submission, etc. is confusing
  Не поспоришь.

* Random RBLs will blacklist you based on superstitions, and admins of
  other email servers will trust RBLs without question.
  Полностью согласен. В жопу таких админов.

* Many useful protocol features have been completely forgotten in the
  quest to eliminate all spam (retry, MX forwarding, etc.).
  Не уверен что понимаю где кто и когда посеял все эти фишки. Вроде бы
  это всё активно продолжает работать и использоваться.

* Random things don't understand MIME encoding for some damn reason
  Бывает, бывает.

* Many clients don't know how to handle HTML correctly and/or safely
  Не поспоришь.

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И на нём же -- почему email хорош:

* Technically it's decentralized

* You can self-host it for not a lot of money

* There's a wide array of interoperable clients that work without a lot
  of proprietary nonsense

* Message headers are very extensible and useful for all sorts of
  unexpected things

* MIME encoding can do some really useful stuff
  Нет деталей и намёка что именно имеется в виду.

* It's private by default
  Не понятно что подразумевается под private. То, что тут могут быть по
  умолчанию не задействованы третьи лица? Тогда да.

* It's federated by default

* Spam filters have gotten pretty good for the most part
  Скорее соглашусь.

* You can have your own domain name and move it between different
  providers rather than being tied to your ISP and/or Google

          ------------------------ >8 ------------------------

И на нём же причины чем email хорош когда его пытаются заменить на
дерьмо IM-овое всякое:

* You can keep control of your notifications via message filtering, etc.
* Message filtering can be incredibly flexible
  Важнейшие аргументы!

* Pretty good search (especially in modern clients, with client-side caching)
  Согласен. Плюс вы его сами можете делать, независимо у себя.

* Threaded messages can provide better context for a conversation and
  also allow people to self-edit and take more time to think about what
  they're going to say
  Полностью согласен.

* Writing "bots" and email-based APIs in general is much, much easier
  Вот не уверен что возня с MIME приятна. Но библиотек для этого тьма.

* Signatures can add a lot of personality and useful information
  Не уверен что это прям плюсом каким-то является.

* A broad choice of clients that satisfy varying accessibility needs
  without randomly A/B testing your experience
  Полностью согласен -- то, что email это протоколы/форматы, а не
  какое-то конкретное ПО. Одно ПО не может удовлетворять всех и вся.

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